Diversions Out Now

A couple months ago I quietly released another EP, titled Diversions.  Diverted, the centerpiece of the EP, was written after I bought an upright piano at the very end of last year, which also triggered a wave of inspiration.  Diverted could be considered the sister to last year's Bleed Together.

Listen here: http://smarturl.it/diversions


I saw your ghost flickering
it burns the rain again
my compassion into sand
Lust to dust
I’m shedding skin
It quivers in your hands
Dear assassin, here I am.

You deserve it
You deserted

That kiss that rips the skin
Untangles all the webs you spin so well
I’ll bathe in that delusion
That thorn could be no other
Dissolves my every color, I know
The bitter afterglow

You were worth it
I thought I earned it
You deserted
I’ve diverted
and reign alone

I know
The beauty in illusion
The safety in seclusion
The comfort in confusion
Your conscience must be weighing
To discard what is draining
Our embrace is breaking.

With every storm I’ve weathered
To your last breath I’ve treasured
You cast aside that feather
I thought we bled together

When separation’s measured
That fragile bone is severed
You cast aside that feather
But I know we bled together