Tap Tempo 028 - Blue Stahli

This week on the show I have Blue Stahli, who's known primarily in the electronic rock scene, but has also had a rather strong career in licensing his music in film and television.  We hit it off immediately and share a very similar sense of humor, as well as general outlook, so talking with Bret all afternoon was truly a pleasure.  Included here is 1.5 hours of our 9 hour marathon.  He's another one who is involved in a number of different sonic identities, so we focused a lot of the necessity of diversifying your output, as well as general musical ideals, of which we shared many.  Great guy.

Listen here: 

Also, next weekend I'll be in Las Vegas as a panelist at the Avid Connect Conference.  I'll be speaking on two panels:  Mixing In The Box, and Creativity in Pro Tools.  If you happen to be at the conference, come say hello.  The weekend after that I'll be playing at Exchange here in LA, on April 14th.  Ticket's are still available, as far as I know.

What I'm listening to: Marriages - Salome
What I'm reading: Ryan Holiday - Conspiracy