Tap Tempo 025 + 026 with Reid Speed

It's cold in LA, which is rather antithetic to one of the main reason I moved here 6 years ago.  That all said, when the lowest the temperature drops to is 35 degrees, it's not so bad.  Relatively.  However, I'm still not a fan of it.  Consequently I've stayed in the house most of the time and also have been finishing up a ton of music.  Weather induced productivity for the win.

I'm playing a few shows over the next couple of weeks.  On March 9th I'm in Minneapolis at The Hideout. On March 10th I'm in Hamilton, Ontario at Seventy Seven, and On March 12th I'm doing a showcase at Ethics in Austin, TX, on the first day of SXSW.  Alongside me at Ethics will be a small handful of friends: Dave Dresden (of Gabriel & Dresden), Monstergetdown (mau5trap label buddy), and local austin hero, Medicinne.  It should be a really fun night and it's free, so if you're in town for SXSW, come check us out.

Reid Speed stopped by a couple weeks ago and delivered a really personal interview that I decided to split into two parts as we covered a lot of ground.  The first of which aired last week and focused primarily on running her independent record label, Play Me Records, and the joys as well as challenges therein.  This week Part 2 goes into her background, which is intense.  I need to thank Reid for her candidness and vulnerability, which is truly refreshing in these often saccharine times.

Listen here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tap-tempo-026-reid-speed-part-2/id1258104375?i=1000404369058&mt=2

What I'm listening to: Nils Frahm - All Melody
What I'm reading: Jordan Peterson - 12 Rules For Life (An Antidote For Chaos)

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