I interview Trifonic on Tap Tempo 006.

This week I'm really pleased to have Trifonic on the show.  Brian Trifon has written some of my favorite downtempo electronic music in the past decade and it's really a pleasure to have him join me for an hour.  We initially met by both going through the BT ranks - he was my predecessor in that environment and a crucial part of my favorite BT record, This Binary Universe.  His own music that followed cut a path that sounds distinctly and only like Trifonic.  He's in his own space, and it's a beautiful space.  It's also jawdroppingly impressive.  He's so immensely talented and the work speaks for itself.   Without a shadow of a doubt, this is my favorite podcast I've recorded so far.  We dive into his creative process, remaining true to one's artistic vision, artistic backgrounds, what actually matters in music (spoiler alert: it's not your production chops) etc...  there's a ton to take away from here.  We also killed a Topo Chico in the freezer. Oops.

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What I'm listening to:  Trifonic - Ninth Wave
What I'm reading: Ryan Holiday - Perennial Seller