All You Need To See is out now

I have a new record out.  It's called All You Need To See.  I've spoken a little bit about it previously, but as a refresh it started off as a remix of my track Clever Girl.  However, it quickly became it's own entity and soon was the opening track for all of my current gigs.  It's pretty melodic and progressive techno-ish material.  I'm a fan.

Here's the link to take a listen/stream/buy on your itunes/spotify/soundcloud/etc...

Drop a line if you like.  I'm also doing a run of gigs centered around All You Need To See, so if I'm in your area come say hello.  Here's a short list of dates that will continuously be updated when the venues are ready to announce the shows.

Hope to see you there and enjoy the tunes,

What I'm listening to: Periphery - Alpha
What I'm reading: Ryan Holiday - Perennial Seller