Tap Tempo 007 - Me...

Good morning all,

This week on Tap Tempo the tables are turned.  Michael Sundius of Dancing Astronaut, Billboard and mau5trap reached out a couple weeks ago about putting the focus on me this time around, and this is the result of that.  It's a pretty intimate and raw look into where I'm at these days.  A lot of self reflection, aspirations, commentary, etc... It's a little strange to go through your own interview.  Sometimes I wish I had worded things a little differently, but it's mostly to the point.  I think.  Maybe I'm full of shit.  C'est la vie...

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It's been a busy studio week for me over here.  I've been knee deep in Calliope tracks again.  Lots of late nights, lots of vocals, lots of wine.  It's been rewarding and I'm excited.  I'd like to think it's some of the best songwriting I've done as of this point.  Realistically I'm looking at November for the next EP of that.  I've been in the Dolby studios the past couple of days as well remixing the club tracks I've done over the past year into their Atmos surround format to be performed in Chicago next month at Sound Bar.  It's nice that there's a club with Atmos now that doesn't require a 12 hour flight.  Thanks Sound Bar.

This weekend I'm in Dallas at The Nines on Friday, and the Married To The Rave festival in Orlando on Saturday.  Come out if you're in the area.

Until next week,

What I'm listening to: Radiohead - In Rainbows
What I'm reading: Ryan Holiday - The Daily Stoic