Tap Tempo 004 - Cherch, and a new single/tour dates.

It's been a busy week over here. I spent three days in Toronto this past weekend for the 10 Year Anniversary of mau5trap. We played a big show, lots of fans, lots of artists, and then spent the next day basically sprawled out on the side of Deadmau5's pool. Good times. Exhausting times. It's good to be home.

I've got a new single out next week! It's called "All You Need To See" and it's going out on my own imprint, isorhythm, and we're doing a tour in support of it. There's a list of the officially announced dates on http://www.mattlange.net with info and ticket links attached, and more to be announced later. For those in LA, I'm at Sound this Saturday, and then we're doing a semi unofficial birthday show in Costa Mesa at La Cave in a week on August 2nd. 31 is right around the corner. Eek.

This week on Tap Tempo I've got Cherch at the table. Brian's a grinder. A modern relic, if you will, of the oft romanticized yet forgotten journey of throwing all your gear in a van with your band and dog and touring the entire country for a few months on end, sometimes playing for little more than gas money simply because you fucking love it and it what you're born to do. He's a really engaging storyteller and a good friend. Give him a listen and try not to laugh at some of the debauchery.

As always, link here: taptempo.libsyn.com


What I'm listening to: S. Carey - All We Grow
What I'm reading: David Duchovny - Becky F*ing Dent