Studio Updates + listen to my most recent set from Coda in Toronto.

It's been a minute.  Apologies. I've essentially been holed up in my little house for the past 2 months just working on a ton of music, and I honestly haven't had much desire to stick my head out for air.  I suppose that's a sign that you're doing something that matters:  when you're not just willing to suffocate for it, but craving to.  Anyways... here's what's up.  

Most recently I've finally been back working on the next Calliope EP.  It's nearly all written at this point, but of course the production side of it is the more tedious part of that journey.   At this rate, it should be done in a month presuming there aren't any unforeseen roadblocks (who am I kidding... inevitably there always are) and I'm aiming to get it out in August.  I've been posting little 24 hour self destructing clips on what I've been doing on my instagram story for those curious. So that's that.

I played a little string of shows over this past month too.  To those who were into Toronto, Philly, and Charlotte, Thanks.  We recorded this Toronto set and it's here for the next time you're on a drive, at the gym, practicing ninja moves in your underwear, etc...
It's probably my favorite DJ set I've recorded before, and there's a bit of new music from me in there as well.

Also, for those in the Toronto area, I'm doing a rather large show with Deadmau5 and others from his label on July 21st.  More info for that can be found here:

Ok, back into the void.

Au revoir,

What I'm listening to:  S. Carey - Range Of Light  (a really gorgeous album.  give it a listen, "fire scene" in particular. fuck me! great artist)

What I'm reading: Joseph Campbell - Goddesses