Punish Me

Punish Me is out now!

Buy/Stream: hyperurl.co/punishme
Listen on Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/mattlange/sets/punish-me-ep

About Punish Me:

A few months ago I wrote about going off on my own, writing only what felt most natural to me, and releasing it on my own terms. For the first quarter of this year I was holed up my in studio pretty much day in / day out writing and producing what is now being presented to you as this new EP, Punish Me. Punish Me is the first EP of the next album, Calliope (consider that a trail of breadcrumbs right there). As I mentioned before, the album is being released in chunks digitally, almost in real time as it’s written. Once it’s done over the course of this year or so you’ll be able to have the completed album on vinyl.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a ton of work. Everything you hear on Punish Me is me. Every vocal, every instrument played, all production, the artwork, etc... Not a single hand has been on any of this except my own. I’m incredibly proud of it for that reason, and the completely uncompromising nature of being able to work and express myself. The music ultimately is all about relationships, and quite honestly my life. Love and heartbreak, Aphrodite and Ares, distance and meaning, and so on. All’s fair, after all. Ultimately this became my own version of therapy in processing moments of my life, and not only just making sense of them, but also learning from them. This is me naked (but not oblivious).

I truly hope this connects in a way that is meaningful for you. It’s incredibly important to me and I think you can hear it in the work. It’s personal, vulnerable, perhaps a bit challenging, and musically the most open version of myself that stands on it’s own. For that reason there are no club tracks surrounding these, and this isn’t designed to drive the side of my career of being a DJ. This is music for the sake of creation, self expression, and exorcizing my own personal demons. I can only hope it’ll be accepted, digested, and related to as such. If you play it loud in your car, or isolate yourself with a nice pair of headphones I think you’ll find it translates most effectively in those settings.

As for a little about the premises of the songs:
Punish Me is about being in a disintegrating relationship where your significant other is hurting you and you end up enjoying it in a sick way because you know it means that they care about you. Life lesson... don’t do that again. Notes On Letting Go was written about the process of me attempting to let go of someone who was completely unhealthy for me on an emotional level, much of it mostly my own delusions. Life lesson... get out of your head. Also as a side note / fun fact: the working title of this was “On Letting Go” but Circa Survive already had an album titled that. Clever Girl is the desire to be noticed by someone who is all too self involved to see beyond themselves. Life lesson... everyone’s blinded by their own desires. The lyrics for each song are posted on my Soundcloud and Youtube channels respectively.

Thanks for listening, Matt