Tap Tempo 020 - Dwarfcraft... and new music from me next week.

After a nice little 2 week break, thanksgiving and so forth, we're back.  This week on Tap Tempo Ben Hinz from Dwarfcraft joins me.  For those not of the guitar persuasion, Dwarfcraft is a small family run business out of Eau Claure, WI, and they make some of my favorite guitar pedals ever.  Earlier this year on Pensado's Place I mentioned a pedal that I lovingly refer to as "Death Kitties," which is actually called the Big Distortion Sound Machine (BDSM.. obviously).  Dwarfcraft was responsible for that and it was my introduction into their twisted sonic world that I've become a very ardent fan.  Fun fact:  The climax of Clever Girl, which contains waves of distortion, was created by running very low pitched strings through Death Kitties.  It's a beautiful sparkly blue box with 2 pink cats wrestling on it.  How could I deny it?  We dive deep into the ethos behind Dwarfcraft.   A fair amount of gear talk, of course, but also much about what gives them a very unique voice in the world of guitar pedals and the dynamic of how Ben and his wife Louise run the company together all the while raising 3 children.   This one was a ton of fun.

Listen here:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tap-tempo-020-dwarfcraft/id1258104375?i=1000396531318&mt=2

Also... I have new music out in a week!  The next EP in the Calliope album series is called Bleed Together, and it'll be available on December 13th.  It's a much more romantic EP than the last.  Less "punish me," more "love me."  Ha.  I'm proud of it.  Objectively, I think it's really good.  I'll be posting little teasers of it over the next week.

Finally, I advise you to listen to Nils Frahm's album, Felt. It's good for the soul.

What I'm listening to: Nils Frahm - Felt
What I'm reading: Tim Ferriss - Tribe Of Mentors