Bleed Together out now!

Bleed Together, the next EP in the Calliope album series, is out today.  I’m proud of it.  Really proud of it.  Objectively I think it’s a stronger EP than Punish Me.  While there are moments and songs on that which I believe to be rather quite good, as a whole Bleed Together is where I think I “found it.”  To be fair, Bleed Together is far newer and perhaps I’m honeymooning a bit with it, but time will tell.   It’s a much more romantic EP.  Less “Punish Me,” more “Love Me.”  A couple of years ago I would’ve said that I could only be truly inspired in times of duress.  I sure was wrong, or I evolved.  Either way, what a beautiful change of pace to move beyond that.  Perhaps it’s part of getting older and the angst subsiding.  This is a good thing. Bleed Together is rooted very deeply in mythology, and I attribute much of that to reading a fair amount of Joseph Campbell this year.

A little about the songs on Bleed Together:

The first two songs of this EP, Bleed Together and Leave Behind, were inspired by a summer romance.  She had a mysticism about her followed by a devilish twinkle hidden behind deep blue eyes.  Through her I was exposed to a magic and a beauty within the world that I’m usually too blind and cynical to see.  Of course because there’s often little poetry within a happy ending (I’ve also heard it said that a happy ending merely depends on where the story stops), it was over as quickly as it began.  Life threw her a curve ball followed by some extended travel, and she never fully returned.  However, I’m beyond grateful for the inspiration.  I hope she calls.   Calliope was written for my Calliope, the queen of my muses time and time again. She knows who she is.

Listen on your preferred platform here:

Bleed Together:
So this is the way
You wove your thread into my fate
Echoes in your eyes and through your hair
Mirror blue and I stare
Entwined in crimson desire
We’ll take it slow
Tend our garden as it grows
Lift you up to breath you in
Grasp me tight and feel you break my skin
For nights like this I’d burn forever
Can you paint our picture on a star
Your inherent charms apparent
Can you stand below and catch my fall
You’re protected, I’m connected
Can you carve your name into my heart
Tear it open, yours for taking
Can you cut yourself in symmetry
Birds of a feather bleed together
We’ll take it slow
So no one knows
That we’re tethered
We’ll take it slow
So no one knows
We’re of a feather

Leave Behind:
Finding solace in your metaphor
(so don’t leave me behind)
You’re fingered constellations are my oracle
So I must keep pushing forward
(I won’t leave thee behind)
For if I’m to look behind uncertain
You’ll disappear

Come out of your shell
Will you be there for me
Prophets always tell nothing of your mystery
Shadows blur together
Mine and yours in harmony
Being in your arms was never in the contingency
Meet me in my hell
Will you go down with me
Even if I cross the styx unaided
You’re on the periphery
Come and walk along
Split the tide and stand with me
Lets give in, surrender, let the flood
Rewrite our history
Listen here, if I’m being honest
It scares the shit out of me
To actualize that long obsession
Of drowning in our entropy
I’ve learned to fair your torrid waters
To navigate differently
Smoke your signal high when you’re yearning to
Embark on our odyssey
I’m glad you’re well
For you that I am singing
I’m glad you’re well
For you my skin is shedding
I’m glad you’re well
For you my ark is sinking
I’m glad you’re well
For you my chaos consumes me
I’m glad you’re well
You are my hell.