Tap Tempo 011 - Andrew Bayer

It's been a hectic week over here. Lots of travel.  I'm still catching up, but it was good.  New York is always such a special place to visit for me.  I did grow up there after all, and only get to return far too infrequently. Every time I visit I always end of thinking I should move back there, but then the reality of winter sets in and that little fantasy gets instantly nixed. I like my California sunshine all too much.  C'est la vie. Saw family, friends, filmed a video promo for Eventide, played at Output.  It was good.  That was followed by flying up to Montreal the next day, did a gig at Newspeak.  Nice club.  Thanks all who came out to both.  Was great to chat with some of you after the gigs.

This week I have Andrew Bayer on Tap Tempo.  I flew east a day early so that I could spend a day with him.  It had been far too long.  He's been one of my closest friends for nearly a decade and we usually only get to see each other about once a year these days.  We recorded this the next morning while we both we feeling pretty haggard, but it's a good talk and look into how he functions.  We talk a lot about his next album that he's been working on, writing music that is true to yourself, his role with Above & Beyond, and his newfound love of domestication.  Frankly, I'm very envious of that.  He's built a beautiful life for himself.

As always, you can listen here:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tap-tempo-011-andrew-bayer/id1258104375?i=1000392200528&mt=2

On Friday I'm flying out to London, Ontario to play the Bud Light Block Party (Ha!), and on Saturday I'm back at Sound Bar in Chicago where I'm doing the whole set in Dolby Atmos Surround.  As an artist (and listener), Atmos is so exciting to work in and it feels like you're truly existing within the music itself, not just listening to it.  Last time I got to play in this format was in the UK last year at Ministry Of Sound.  Finally we have an Atmos system in the states thanks to Sound Bar.  If you're in the area it's absolutely worth checking out.

Until next week,

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Tap Tempo 010 - Anthony Baldino and 100 beers!

We made it.  10 Episodes.  I wasn't sure how long this little endeavor would last, but it's still going strong apparently.  This episode is a little bit different.  This past weekend I received a few boxes of "beer" from Anheuser-Busch and ridiculous as that is, I figured the best course of action was to call Anthony Baldino up and plan something.  We decided the only real acceptable solution was to pour them all out down the drain while we recorded a Tap Tempo with him as the guest.  In preparation for this we also stopped by the Stone brewery, filled up a growler with one of their test pilot pale ale's and made our way back home to get it going.  Anthony's an amazing talent, an amazing friend, and an amazing co-drainer of bud light.  So much amazing.  We talk a lot about his musical career path, modular synths (of which he's in the upper echelon), some production stuff, and trying to navigate relationships in this modern age.  All while pouring out 1 beer at a time over the course of an hour.  It's fun.  It's silly.  It's real.

Listen here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tap-tempo-010-anthony-baldino-and-100-beers/id1258104375?i=1000391910244&mt=2

This weekend I'm at Output in New York on Friday.  Late night slot.  On Saturday I'm in Montreal at Newspeak.  I'm hoping to record a couple Tap Tempos with some guests local to those two cities as well during this trip if all goes according to plan.  Fingers crossed.  Links to tickets for both can be found here: http://www.mattlange.net/tour/

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Black Math - Lapse (Matt Lange's Unforgiven Remix)

I remixed my friends Black Math a few months ago (they kill it in the trailer music world, finally branching out a bit into the public eye), and this is what I came up with.  It's one of my most favorite remixes I've ever done, and it's heaaaavy.  Drop F 7 string guitars!  I'm proud of this one.  

Link here:  https://soundcloud.com/mattlange/black-math-lapse-matt-langes-unforgiven-remix

Tap Tempo 009 - not sorry

This week on Tap Tempo I have producer, not sorry.  He's very established in the Dubstep and Drum and Bass world, releasing primarily these days via Reid Speed's Play Me Records and Diplo's Mad Decent.  It's a good and long chat.  We cover all things dubstep/dnb as well as our mutual once-upon-a-time-home-town, New York.  We also downed a couple growlers of IPA's from the Highland Park Brewery.  Yesterday morning was rough.
Listen here:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tap-tempo-009-not-sorry/id1258104375?i=1000391640344&mt=2

Also, the new Pvris record fucking rocks.  Blake Harnage produced it, and him and I worked together briefly on his band VersaEmerge some years ago.  So cool to see how he's evolved. It's on repeat, love it.


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Tap Tempo 008 - Sarah Schachner

This week on Tap Tempo Sarah Schachner joins me.  She's an incredibly talented composer and one of the few women at the head of the pack in an overly testosterone driven industry.  Her credits speak for themselves (Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Assassin's Creed: Unity, Assassin's Creed: Origins), and frankly, she's killing it.  We both were in the same class at Berklee, but never actually met until we both lived in LA many years later.  Instead of the usual beer we picked a few passion fruits off my tree in the backyard and made passion fruit margaritas while discussing creative process and of course her video game career.  Great chat, great artist.  Listen below:


My last SoCal show for a while is in San Diego on Friday at Spin Nightclub for those in the area.

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Tap Tempo 007 - Me...

Good morning all,

This week on Tap Tempo the tables are turned.  Michael Sundius of Dancing Astronaut, Billboard and mau5trap reached out a couple weeks ago about putting the focus on me this time around, and this is the result of that.  It's a pretty intimate and raw look into where I'm at these days.  A lot of self reflection, aspirations, commentary, etc... It's a little strange to go through your own interview.  Sometimes I wish I had worded things a little differently, but it's mostly to the point.  I think.  Maybe I'm full of shit.  C'est la vie...

As always you can listen/subscribe here: 


It's been a busy studio week for me over here.  I've been knee deep in Calliope tracks again.  Lots of late nights, lots of vocals, lots of wine.  It's been rewarding and I'm excited.  I'd like to think it's some of the best songwriting I've done as of this point.  Realistically I'm looking at November for the next EP of that.  I've been in the Dolby studios the past couple of days as well remixing the club tracks I've done over the past year into their Atmos surround format to be performed in Chicago next month at Sound Bar.  It's nice that there's a club with Atmos now that doesn't require a 12 hour flight.  Thanks Sound Bar.

This weekend I'm in Dallas at The Nines on Friday, and the Married To The Rave festival in Orlando on Saturday.  Come out if you're in the area.

Until next week,

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I interview Trifonic on Tap Tempo 006.

This week I'm really pleased to have Trifonic on the show.  Brian Trifon has written some of my favorite downtempo electronic music in the past decade and it's really a pleasure to have him join me for an hour.  We initially met by both going through the BT ranks - he was my predecessor in that environment and a crucial part of my favorite BT record, This Binary Universe.  His own music that followed cut a path that sounds distinctly and only like Trifonic.  He's in his own space, and it's a beautiful space.  It's also jawdroppingly impressive.  He's so immensely talented and the work speaks for itself.   Without a shadow of a doubt, this is my favorite podcast I've recorded so far.  We dive into his creative process, remaining true to one's artistic vision, artistic backgrounds, what actually matters in music (spoiler alert: it's not your production chops) etc...  there's a ton to take away from here.  We also killed a Topo Chico in the freezer. Oops.

Listen/Subscribe here:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tap-tempo-006-trifonic/id1258104375?i=1000390830698&mt=2

Next week I'm in Dallas on Friday 8/18 and Orlando on Saturday 8/19.  Links to tickets/venue info can be found here: http://www.mattlange.net/events

Have a great week,

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All You Need To See is out now

I have a new record out.  It's called All You Need To See.  I've spoken a little bit about it previously, but as a refresh it started off as a remix of my track Clever Girl.  However, it quickly became it's own entity and soon was the opening track for all of my current gigs.  It's pretty melodic and progressive techno-ish material.  I'm a fan.

Here's the link to take a listen/stream/buy on your itunes/spotify/soundcloud/etc...

Drop a line if you like.  I'm also doing a run of gigs centered around All You Need To See, so if I'm in your area come say hello.  Here's a short list of dates that will continuously be updated when the venues are ready to announce the shows.  http://www.mattlange.net/events

Hope to see you there and enjoy the tunes,

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All You Need To See // Tap Tempo 005 - Clear Skys

Good morning/afternoon/evening,

I have a new record out tomorrow.  It's called All You Need To See.  It's a bit of a progressive and techy roller of a tune, and I've opened up all my recent shows with it. (example... https://soundcloud.com/mattlange/matt-lange-live-at-coda-toronto-06317).  Check your spotif-i-tunes (see what I did there..) tomorrow, or whatever listening platform is your fancy.    

We're driving down to Costa Mesa in just a few minutes.  I'm playing at La Cave.  It's a little bit of an unofficial birthday show, and it's a pretty intimate venue, so it's perfect for tonight.  If you're in the SoCal area, you know where to find me.

Lastly, on Tap Tempo this week I have Clear Skys.  Clear Skys is a very talented Canadian producer who has done a few remixes for me in the past and leans heavily into video game music composition.  Good chat.  As always you can listen to it here: taptempo.libsyn.com

See you on the other side,

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Tap Tempo 004 - Cherch, and a new single/tour dates.

It's been a busy week over here. I spent three days in Toronto this past weekend for the 10 Year Anniversary of mau5trap. We played a big show, lots of fans, lots of artists, and then spent the next day basically sprawled out on the side of Deadmau5's pool. Good times. Exhausting times. It's good to be home.

I've got a new single out next week! It's called "All You Need To See" and it's going out on my own imprint, isorhythm, and we're doing a tour in support of it. There's a list of the officially announced dates on http://www.mattlange.net with info and ticket links attached, and more to be announced later. For those in LA, I'm at Sound this Saturday, and then we're doing a semi unofficial birthday show in Costa Mesa at La Cave in a week on August 2nd. 31 is right around the corner. Eek.

This week on Tap Tempo I've got Cherch at the table. Brian's a grinder. A modern relic, if you will, of the oft romanticized yet forgotten journey of throwing all your gear in a van with your band and dog and touring the entire country for a few months on end, sometimes playing for little more than gas money simply because you fucking love it and it what you're born to do. He's a really engaging storyteller and a good friend. Give him a listen and try not to laugh at some of the debauchery.

As always, link here: taptempo.libsyn.com


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Tap Tempo 003 - Bright Lights

Good morning everyone,

First off, thanks to everyone who checked out the launch of my podcast, Tap Tempo, last week.  The feedback I've received has been really encouraging and this truly feels like a good thing.  So thank you for that.  This week I have Heather Bright (p/k/a Bright Lights) on the show.  Heather is one of those rare talents that just exude a certain magic whenever they step into a studio.  In a previous life she was a songwriter for pop stars such as Justin Beiber, Britney Spears, Usher, and later the voice of many big edm hits like Porter Robinson's Language and Zedd's Stars Come Out. These days, however, it's full steam ahead on her solo artist career under the moniker Bright Lights.  She had asked if I would play guitar on a couple tracks from her next album, so she came down to my studio, we did the guitar thing, and then sat down for this chat right after that.  She's got a really amazing tale of how she made it to where she is now, the struggles of sustaining yourself as a solo artist as well as the glories. 

Listen here: http://taptempo.libsyn.com/
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tap-tempo-with-matt-lange/id1258104375?mt=2&ls=1

I'm off to Toronto tomorrow bright and early to play at the mau5trap 10 year anniversary party with the mau5 and other cohorts.  Should definitely be a trip to remember.  For those in LA, I'm returning to Sound the weekend after on July 29th.  I'm kicking off a new tour to promote a new single (it's called All You Need To See, more info soon..) and we're starting there.  I'm also hitting Chicago with a set performed in Dolby Atmos later in September.  The only other time I've been able to play a set like this was in London at Ministry Of Sound last summer.  It's a really exciting and immersive technology that takes the concept of surround sound and blows it out.  The dates that have been formally announced are here, but there are quite a few others that'll be made known next week I believe.  Hope to see you on the road.

Until then, give a listen to the chat with Heather.


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I have a podcast!  Introducing Tap Tempo 001 with Calyx & TeeBee, Mat Zo, 12th Planet and Photek

Let's cut to the chase.  I'm doing a podcast. It's called Tempo Tempo and you can find it here: http://taptempo.libsyn.com/.  The whole thing came to be about 6 months ago when I was chatting with a friend in my local brewery and had in the back of my mind that my favorite conversations were always the ones had with other musicians, and usually over a beer.  So Tap Tempo came to be, albeit a bit later.  It's essentially an opportunity to pull back the curtain a bit and expose some of the things we think about, talk about, complain about, love, loathe, admire, etc...  Moving forward, every Wednesday there will be a new episode of me sitting down with another contemporary, grabbing a pint, and discussing everything from music, to live, to hopefully not too much alcoholically induced mumbling.  

For the debut episode I'm really fortunate to kick it off with a bang.  Back in January Calyx and TeeBee were in town, and I had just decided I was going to pursue the podcast, so I asked them if they'd record one and they very graciously agreed.  However, they pulled a bit of a switcheroo on me last minute and as opposed to coming over to my house where I had everything set up to record, to meet them at 12th Planet's place.  Oh, and Photek was there as well.  So I freaked at the opportunity, texted Mat to see if he wanted to join, threw an Avid Quartet and 3 SM58's into a duffel bag with my laptop and headed down.  There's a fun little picture of the event below.  It's a really tech heavy chat with lots of production discussion, a fair amount of banter, and I actually learned a few things from it that I've been using in my own music since then.  Pretty great!  I also need to extend a huge thank you to all the guys for joining me and being so generous with their knowledge as well as their time.  Much appreciated.

Next week Heather Bright, aka Bright Lights, is on the show.  She's simply amazing, one of the most talented people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and has a really engaging story of how she got to be where she is now.

So please give it a listen if this interests you at all, and even better subscribe on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tap-tempo-with-matt-lange/id1258104375?mt=2

Hope you enjoy this as much as I have,


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Studio Updates + listen to my most recent set from Coda in Toronto.

It's been a minute.  Apologies. I've essentially been holed up in my little house for the past 2 months just working on a ton of music, and I honestly haven't had much desire to stick my head out for air.  I suppose that's a sign that you're doing something that matters:  when you're not just willing to suffocate for it, but craving to.  Anyways... here's what's up.  

Most recently I've finally been back working on the next Calliope EP.  It's nearly all written at this point, but of course the production side of it is the more tedious part of that journey.   At this rate, it should be done in a month presuming there aren't any unforeseen roadblocks (who am I kidding... inevitably there always are) and I'm aiming to get it out in August.  I've been posting little 24 hour self destructing clips on what I've been doing on my instagram story for those curious. So that's that.

I played a little string of shows over this past month too.  To those who were into Toronto, Philly, and Charlotte, Thanks.  We recorded this Toronto set and it's here for the next time you're on a drive, at the gym, practicing ninja moves in your underwear, etc... https://soundcloud.com/mattlange/matt-lange-live-at-coda-toronto-06317
It's probably my favorite DJ set I've recorded before, and there's a bit of new music from me in there as well.

Also, for those in the Toronto area, I'm doing a rather large show with Deadmau5 and others from his label on July 21st.  More info for that can be found here: http://rebeltoronto.com/events/mt10-07-21-2017/

Ok, back into the void.

Au revoir,

What I'm listening to:  S. Carey - Range Of Light  (a really gorgeous album.  give it a listen, "fire scene" in particular. fuck me! great artist)

What I'm reading: Joseph Campbell - Goddesses

Punish Me

Punish Me is out now!

Buy/Stream: hyperurl.co/punishme
Listen on Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/mattlange/sets/punish-me-ep

About Punish Me:

A few months ago I wrote about going off on my own, writing only what felt most natural to me, and releasing it on my own terms. For the first quarter of this year I was holed up my in studio pretty much day in / day out writing and producing what is now being presented to you as this new EP, Punish Me. Punish Me is the first EP of the next album, Calliope (consider that a trail of breadcrumbs right there). As I mentioned before, the album is being released in chunks digitally, almost in real time as it’s written. Once it’s done over the course of this year or so you’ll be able to have the completed album on vinyl.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a ton of work. Everything you hear on Punish Me is me. Every vocal, every instrument played, all production, the artwork, etc... Not a single hand has been on any of this except my own. I’m incredibly proud of it for that reason, and the completely uncompromising nature of being able to work and express myself. The music ultimately is all about relationships, and quite honestly my life. Love and heartbreak, Aphrodite and Ares, distance and meaning, and so on. All’s fair, after all. Ultimately this became my own version of therapy in processing moments of my life, and not only just making sense of them, but also learning from them. This is me naked (but not oblivious).

I truly hope this connects in a way that is meaningful for you. It’s incredibly important to me and I think you can hear it in the work. It’s personal, vulnerable, perhaps a bit challenging, and musically the most open version of myself that stands on it’s own. For that reason there are no club tracks surrounding these, and this isn’t designed to drive the side of my career of being a DJ. This is music for the sake of creation, self expression, and exorcizing my own personal demons. I can only hope it’ll be accepted, digested, and related to as such. If you play it loud in your car, or isolate yourself with a nice pair of headphones I think you’ll find it translates most effectively in those settings.

As for a little about the premises of the songs:
Punish Me is about being in a disintegrating relationship where your significant other is hurting you and you end up enjoying it in a sick way because you know it means that they care about you. Life lesson... don’t do that again. Notes On Letting Go was written about the process of me attempting to let go of someone who was completely unhealthy for me on an emotional level, much of it mostly my own delusions. Life lesson... get out of your head. Also as a side note / fun fact: the working title of this was “On Letting Go” but Circa Survive already had an album titled that. Clever Girl is the desire to be noticed by someone who is all too self involved to see beyond themselves. Life lesson... everyone’s blinded by their own desires. The lyrics for each song are posted on my Soundcloud and Youtube channels respectively.

Thanks for listening, Matt

Escapist out now.

So a new EP is out in the wild today.  Escapist is a collection of 3 club tracks that I finished and started playing out in the fall.  They're a bit more melodic than some of the other club records recently, and as a nice surprise have been played by deadmau5 and Above & Beyond in their respective radio shows.  Thanks guys.  

You can listen to them on my soundcloud here:  https://soundcloud.com/mattlange/sets/escapist, and if you feel like picking them up, you can snag them here: http://smarturl.it/escapist

I was on Pensado's Place

This past week I had the pleasure of being on Pensado's Place and did a fairly lengthy interview with Dave and Herb.  We talk all things music, musical independence, production techniques, and of course- gear.  It's easily the best interview I've ever been invited to do, and a dream come true to be involved with Pensado's Place as I've been watching the show since it's inception 6 years ago.  My interview starts roughty at 11:30 minutes into the show.

You can watch it here:

Fade Into You

I wanted to kick off the new year with a cover I did last year of Mazzy Star's Fade Into You.  This was originally created as a pitch for a movie trailer last year, and it's also only the second cover I've ever done.  (The first was Lana Del Rey's Dark Paradise with Tania Zygar, which recently got a new life as some Suicide Squad fans made a fan video of the Joker and Harley Quinn, and used our little musical love child to illustrate the tale.  5 million views later here we are, thanks guys...)  

I was listening to a lot of Ben Frost at the time, and the giant kicks followed by a swell in noise only to be ducked down again by the next kick was heavily influenced by his track, "Killshot."  I really had a ton of fun doing this one as it combined so much of my background in rock music and playing guitar while at the same time still keeping a large amount of cool glitchy programming and the atmospheric thing I've come to be known for over the years (thanks Eventide reverb).  It's hardly a complete departure, but certainly a look into what's coming next.  I hinted a bit at this with tracks like "Inside My Head" and "Consider This," but it's really coming full circle now.  

If you're already on my mailing list, you will have received an email containing the track.  If not, you get it if you sign up with the link on the home page.  Seems fair?  I will doing a lot of email communication in the near future and this seemed like a great way to kickstart it a bit (and my heart. fuck yeah motley crue).

The new EP is nearly done.  2 out of the 3 tracks are completely finished, minus some minor mixdown tweaks, and the third should be done in a week.  Looking at an early April release most likely.

Anyhoo, I'm off to film an episode of Pensado's Place right now.  I'm incredibly honored to be a guest on the show (I've been watching it since its inception), and I'm beyond excited to share it once it's live.


Where I'm At

Beyond pictures (in black and white), I’ve tended to keep much of my life, ambitions, whatever’s going on behind the curtain out of the public eye.  To be fair, I had gotten stung by revealing too much of it at times years ago- feelings were hurt, and I was too self involved to not even just acknowledge that, but to even admit it.  Most artists are cursed with a level of narcissism, some more than others.  Consequently I pretty much withdrew a lot of myself thereafter, and it’s all too easy to keep a safe distance behind a social media profile. Maybe it’s a catalyst of a new year, maybe it’s the change in perspective life tends to hand you at major milestones (or fuck ups), but nonetheless I wanted to open up my life, my goals, and and simply let you in.

I parted ways with my management company a month ago, and with that comes a ton of stress as I’m handling most things on my own right now, but also a ton of freedom.  This was entirely my choice. I needed to take back the reigns of my own career, and while it was very difficult to come to this decision, as it was a very long term relationship, I’m very glad I did.  I am very grateful for my time with them and I wouldn’t live in LA now if it weren’t for them.  Many thanks.  Now going beyond myself, what this means for you is that everything is going to be more direct, and faster.  Not to say that they held things up, but think of a game of telephone.  It’s also on me, as I allowed it to be a wall I could hide behind.  This eventually becomes a false sense of security that inevitably evolves into forms of resentment when things don’t go the way you ideally wanted them to.  For me, it became unhealthy. From now on, most things will be from my mouth (or fingertips) directly to your eyes and ears.


While dance music releases will continue to come out on mau5trap, I’m going to start utilizing my own label, isoRhythm, much more for all of the non dance music material, which really is me in my most comfortable and natural state.  The idea I’ve been bouncing around in my head for the past couple of weeks is to aim to release a roughly 3 track EP every quarter.  Ultimately at the end of the year, coinciding with when the 4th EP would be released, I’ll put out a full length album on vinyl consisting of all 12 tracks from the year.  The thought process behind all of this is that A) I can keep a constant dialogue about what I’m doing, and you as listeners, won’t be teased with something to not be able to hear it in full until months and months later. B) It forces an accountability on my end to deliver what I promise.  I’ve always worked best when my back’s up against a wall, and creating an environment where I have to fulfill an agreement (whether it’s legal or simply to myself) pushes my work in a positive manner.  My best work has always evolved out of some form of duress, be it relationships, general misanthropy, or heartbreak (which I’ve clearly documented a few times haha… art’s most classic, comedic, and tragic influence). C) let’s not kid ourselves, attention spans are short in the current climate of digital digestion, and this is a way that I can make the album I want to make without disappearing off the face of the earth for a whole year.  I’m aiming for the first EP of the lot to come out in March.  2 of the tracks are mostly done as of this moment, it’s vocal, it’s sound designy and industrial, lots of guitars too…, deeply personal, and I’m completely terrified of the vulnerability of it.  Which is a good thing.  If you follow me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/matt_lange/), I’ve been using the “Stories” feature to post little self destructing clips of what I’m working on.  So that’s the plan at this very moment in regards to that…

In the meantime, there’s a new 3 track techno-ish ep ready to go, as well as 2 new remixes, and I’ll be able to talk more about those soon.


So, as much as I’d love to be able to tell you I’ll be in your city soon, the reality is I won’t for at least the next quarter of the year.  To be 100% transparent, my booking agency dropped me a couple months ago because quite frankly I didn’t make them enough money to make it worth their while.  This is a problem you unfortunately face with a bigger agency, and when time is limited, who are they going to book: DJ Pumpkinhead at a festival gig for $250k, or me in a 400 person club for a very small fraction of that.    This isn’t a jab at them or anything of the sort.  They run a business, not a charity, have investors, a board, etc… they’re accountable for far more than simply their artists’ sanity and if I were in their position looking at things from the perspective of a spreadsheet, I would’ve done the same.  In the mean time, I am sorting this out, I WILL be back on the road as soon as I can be, but this is also a welcomed break to really devote a lot of time to writing and diving deep into myself for that purpose.  Touring, while wonderful in so many ways, keeps you very out of your head, and right now it’s really good for both of us for me to continue examining what’s in it.

For those of you who will be at NAMM this year, I’ll be doing presentation each day with Avid.  We’ll be deconstructing a track and talking about how I use Pro Tools.  There’s a pretty amazing roster of other guests who will be there as well, such as Butch Vig, Maroon 5, Jimmy Douglass, etc… I’m hoping some of this gets recorded and later streamed.  More info can be found here: http://www.avidblogs.com/namm-2017-learn-pros-avid-main-stage/

Recently I also noticed that a subreddit was created for me, so I’m going to start using it.  Forums were a big deal for me when I was at the earlier stages of music production (Harmony Central and the first iteration of the IDM Forums were my personal picks).  I’ll do my best to check in semi regularly.  I haven’t been much of a redditor, but this seems like a good open format explore.  And it’s about me, and I like talking about myself… OK.  So if you want to take part in a public discussion of some kind, be it production advice, gear talk, or even hair product talk (yes, I get those questions too), join me here: https://www.reddit.com/r/mattlange/   

To tie this up and the point of all of this is that I’m doing shit my way moving forward.  It’s the only way I’ve ever been able to really be happy and this is really exciting for me.  It’s all going to be a ton of work, but it’s the best work, and the total independence to just do things and experiment is beyond thrilling.  I’ve got another completely different project on the rise as well that is much more collaborative, featuring a number of other artists, and I’ll talk about that more freely once I’ve worked out the logistics of it a bit better.  Anyways, if you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading!  And of course thank you for the support so far, and thank you even more for the support to come later.  This is going to be an interesting year…

Speak soon,